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In the natal chart, by transit, in the progressed chart or in synastry, the aspect of Mars with Saturn means: inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution. Sometimes Mars-Saturn refers to a healt problem. That is because Mars is the symbol of many things and one of those things is ‘infection’. Saturn is the symbol of many things and one of them is ‘precaution’. When I posted about Margareth Thatcher’s transit Saturn conjunct Mars she was in hospital. When I had transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Mars I had a hard time getting over a viral infection and the remedial antibiotics. A 13 year old runaway was supposed to have been killed by her family when she had transit Saturn square Mars and Nodes, just like in her natal chart. You will find links to posts with examples of the effect of Mars-Saturn in natal charts, progressions/transits and synastry. All in all it is about inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution, with different results and consequenses. Like in the discussion Bill Maher contra Ben Affleck, for example (click here).


The chart of the famous dog whisperer Cesar Millan has Saturn rising before the Sun and Mars is ‘calling’ (not making aspects withing sign or within 5 degrees). The prominence of Mars and Saturn is resonating ‘ discipline’.  And he sure knows how to discipline dogs…Discipline and strict measures are among the meanings of Mars-Saturn, and so is death (end of all energy). With a prominent Mars-Saturn in the natal chart discipline might be (too) important. In progressed charts and with transits this aspect sometimes ends lifes, activities or drives in general. And as astrology can’t be used for judgement, the Mars-Saturn aspect is sometimes beneficial (to do what is your ‘duty’, to act with responsibility) and sometimes not (death, slapping). All examples of Mars-Saturn refer to the basics of Mars-Saturn: the combination of drives/energy and duty/restrictions. The links to Mars-Saturn stories lead you to stories about death, heroes, discipline, slapping, being fired, falling with injury, nasty competition, disciplinary measures and more…But don’t worry.

Sometimes with Saturn’s transit with Mars you just finish a job or end an acitivity (but it might hurt a bit). Or you happen to catch a nasty cold. An example is that of one of my readers whose little boy started his school career with transit Saturn on her Mars. It marks the end of a period of her activities (related to her son’s age and age is Saturn, too). Sometimes change is just as scary as some of the events in

the list of examples and you might do things driven by fear or caution. The man or woman with a hard Mars-Saturn aspect and working too hard might just be driven by fear over the manager’s judgement…Fear or duty can drive a person and it can stop a person or be ineffective.


LINKS to posts on with examples of the effect of Mars/Saturn:


On October 10 I mentioned the death of Solomon Burke with transit Saturn square progressed Mars…

Bobby Brown has Mars inconjunct Saturn…He almost died and was pronounced dead in April 2010. Bobby Brown is the ex-husband of Withney Houston. She says he slapped her.

When Mercedes Ramirez was celebrating her 21st birthday on December 20, 1995, the plane (on the way to Cali, Colombia) crashed and she lost her parents and broke her legs. That was when transit Mars was opposition her progressed Saturn.

The same transit of Mars with Progressed Saturn occurred when Yuri Budanov, a colonel of the Russian army, was shot in Moscow. Budanov also had transit Neptune square Sun and transit Uranus 75d Progressed Sun. Progressed Mars was quintile progressed Eris and transit Mars square Progressed Mercury. This is without hour of birth, so probably there is even more activity in the chart/progressed chart on the day of his death (June 10, 2011). Budanov was born in Khartsyk (region Donetsk) and was convicted for the murder of Elza Kungaeva on March 27, 2001 (in a period of P Sun square Jupiter and T Venus square Progressed Node, with Transit Eris square Progressed Mars). Later he was convicted, but he was released rather soon. Interesting besides: his Sun is opposition Nessus (symbol of revenge after death).


Here is a link to a post about Mars-Saturn and slapping (when a person is being disciplined or intimidated): It is another ‘tough measure’ of precaution (in the eyes of the slapper).


General McChrystal had to quit his job. One of the indications was transit Saturn square Mars…

With transit Saturn sesquisquare natal Mars Lance Armstrong fell in the Tour de France and injured his face.. This immediately ended the activity.


1. Julian Assange-Hillary Clinton

Whistle blower Julian Assange wants Hilary Clinton to resign (he said that in November 2010). Well, she has the Sun in the 2nd degree of Scoprio and his Saturn is exactly inconunct her Sun. The inconjunction is the symbol of mismatch and lack of balance and Saturn is for critism. His Sun, on the other hand, is square her Neptune, so she might not like him either. But the most profound aspect between their charts is:

His Mars is square her Saturn.

2. The Saturns of two of her victims (born 14th September 1957 and 22th June 1957) are exactly square the Mars of Amy Bishop. The combination of Mars and Saturn refers to fear and blocked energy or death.

I quote:

…the Saturns of two of the victims (born 14th September 1957 and 22th June 1957) are exactly square the Mars of Amy Bishop. The combination of Mars and Saturn is refers to fear and blocked energy or death.

3. When your Mars is on someone’s Saturn you tend to see them as ‘ stand in the ways’ or obstacles. Mars-Saturn is a nasty aspect in synastry. See about the nasty competition Brown-Blair is visualized by the Mars inconjunct Saturn aspect in synastry…

4. The hero and the terrorist in the Detroit plane incident both have a Mars-Saturn aspect in the natal chart (sesquisquare and square). Mars of the hero was conjunct the Saturn of the terrorist. And the Saturn of the hero inconjunct the Mars of the terrorist. It was a matter of attempt to kill and being restricted and being stopped: driven by fear and caution.

5. And another sad example is Scott Peterson. He was born October 24, 1972 at 9:36 a.m. PDT in San Diego. He murdered his wife. The reason: they had a bad marriage and he wanted the insurance money. In his chart Venus is elevated. His wife Laci (born May 4, 1975 in Modesto) had Venus ‘calling’ (without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Both had a prominent Venus (planet of love), but there was no happy ever after for them. He had 3 of the above indications for divorce: Moon opposition Neptune, Moon ruler 1 opposition ruler 7 Neptune and Mars conjunct Uranus (short fuse). He also had Venus square Saturn. Often people with such an aspect stay together because of status, insurance money, pension,  mortgage, public opinion or because of the children. Let’s say: for materialistic reasons only. That is why they didn’t divorce, even though their charts were no match.

His Moon in Gemini didn’t correspond with her Moon in Pisces. Conflicting moons in one house are difficult. Their Suns and Venus were in ‘enemy’ signs. Her Mars inconjunct his Mars points at extreme conflicts and arguments, after a fiery start. Her Uranus square his Sun says that they might experience ‘alienation’. They were very different. Their relationship started with one of them being ‘liberated’ or ‘enstranged’ because of it. On top of that his Mars is square her Saturn. That means that she stood in his way. This relationship was sort of doomed and the Mars-Saturn synastry attributed to the deadly end of it.

6. Polly Klaas was kidnapped and murdered by Richard Allen Davis, born June 2, 1954. She was born on January 3, 1981 and only 12 years old at the time.

Her Saturn at 9d35 Libra is square his in the 8th degree of Capricorn. His Saturn is at 3d33 Scorpio and that is square her Mars in 3d Aquarius. Her natal Mars is trine Saturn. His natal Mars is sextile Saturn. So, in the composite chart there is Mars square Saturn.

Here is her natal chart. The transits are for the day of birh of her murderer.

Polly Klaas natal chart, transits of June 2, 1954 (day of birth Richard Allen Davis)

MARS-SATURN: Ben Affleck and Bill Maher

Early October 2014 Ben Affleck attacked Bill Maher for his view on Islam by calling him a racist (see on the fiery discussion ) How did they become ‘enemies’? It is a Mars-Saturn story!

Ben Affleck was born August 15, 1972 in Berkeley CA at 2:53 with Mars at 0d14.13 Virgo and Saturn at 18d34.2 Gemini (Mars quintile Saturn). Saturn is his ‘planet of orientation’ (first outer planet rising before the Sun that day).

Bill Maher was born January 20, 1956 in New York at 22:32 with Mars in the 4th degree of Sagittarius and Saturn in the first degree of Sagittarius (Mars conjunct Saturn). Mars is his planet of orientation.

By sharing an aspect between Mars and Saturn their relationship has an aspect of shared frustrations. This doesn’t make it easy to cooperate (at least…). Also, one has a prominent Mars, the other a prominent Saturn.

Moreover, the Mars of Ben Affleck is exactly square the Saturn of Bill Maher and the Mars of Bill Maher happens to be in quindecile (165d) aspect with the Saturn of Ben Affleck.

In other words: the prominence of hard anger in both charts and the fact that they were confronted opened the gateway to a Mars-Saturn debate, coloured by  inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution.

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